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Power Up On The Go

Solar | Power | RFID | Freedom

The Eyeconic Solar Pack is full of exciting features to help you power up on the go.  The design of the solar pack is simple yet elegant.  This new backpack has a high efficient 6.5-watt solar panel woven seamlessly into the fabric.  The five-volt USB connection is easy to access and charges all five-volt devices such as mobile phones, tablets, rechargeable flashlights, blue tooth speakers, and cameras.  An incredible 10,000 MAH battery backup is provided to allow you to store power efficiently from the solar panel and saves power in case the sun has set for the day.

The Power That Moves With You!

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The backpack is meant for the everyday explorer and has power that moves with you.  Charge and power up while on the go.  We are dedicated to clean energy and hope that our passion is felt through this new solar pack. 

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